Our Expertise

Synergy Management Group LLC specializes in assisting our clients to successfully navigate the challenges that new companies face in today's increasingly competitive environment.  We strive to provide profitable business advice from the start.  We deliver results rather than recommendations.

Delivering your product to clients in a timely fashion is one of the most critical components of a company.  Synergy prides itself on its ability to design a scalable fulfillment plan that will grow as your company grows.  We provide efficient, practical cost savings solutions to your organization.


We partner with our clients in designing and developing effective marketing strategies.  This includes social media campaigns, SEO, branding, and positioning.

E Commerce

We position our clients to take advantage of the consistent growth of the e-commerce industry.  We accomplish this by implementing effective e-commerce marketing programs which help to attract and convert customers. 

Finance and Capital

Financing is a crucial part of the puzzle for every business.  There are a variety of ways for companies to obtain the necessary capital to build the foundation of your business. We provide our clients with access to those sources of capital 



Our team has a wealth of experience in developing products for clients in a number of industries.  We have produced products in the restaurant, beverage, and manufacturing sectors.

Product Development

We assist our clients with the development and design of their products.  In addition, we will help with the management, development, and launch of the new product.


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